Creamware Mould with Pineapple to Base

Creamware Mould with Pineapple to Base

Code: K23357


An 18th century, creamware mould with a pineapple to the base. The pineapple was the Georgian symbol of welcome so this type of mould was often used for a starter, to welcome your guests to the table. This example is made from quite a heavy creamware and it dates from c.1790. The pineapple design is very deeply moulded, with excellent detail, and would turn out beautifully. Unfortunately there are a number of chips to the exterior of the rim of the mould. These can all be seen in the images but would not prevent the mould from being used. 

Dimensions: Length 20.5cm. Width 16cm. Depth 7.8cm.

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