Leed's creamware curd cheese mould

Leed's creamware curd cheese mould

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A delightful, 18th century, pierced creamware curd cheese mould. This is very lightly and finely potted and there is a rich yellow glaze to the pot. The tiered sides are elaborately pierced with geometric patterns made up of circular, oval and triangular holes. The top tier is moulded with a fish and the basic shape of this can also be seen on the flattened top of the mould. 

There are four small chips on the rim of the mould and a further one on the fishes tail. There is also a firing, line on the interior, where two of the tiered sections are joined. Other than this it is in good condition.

English, probably Leeds Pottery. Date c.1780.

Dimensions: Length 16.8cm. Width 13.2cm Height 9cm.

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