Wedgwood, creamware curd cheese mould

Wedgwood, creamware curd cheese mould

Code: G20246


A very finely potted, 18th century, Wedgwood, pierced creamware curd cheese mould. This has an impressed mark “WEDGWOOD” and it dates from c.1780. The eight sided mould has canted corners and the sides and top are all pierced with small, circular holes which form both geometric and hearts shapes. I have always though this to be one of the most beautiful of the designs used for curd cheese moulds. Unfortunately this example has extensive restoration, so it could no longer be used. It looks to have been in three pieces. These have been very cleverly put back together but the restoration is showing with a  matt finish and no longer has a shiny glaze.

Dimensions: Length 19.6cm. Width 9.5cm Height 9.6cm.

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