Copeland Curd Cheese Mould

Copeland Curd Cheese Mould

Code: H21238


A nineteenth century, earthenware, curd cheese mould. After making your curd cheese you would flavour it with wine or herbs and then put it into a mould like this which would allow the whey to drain, leaving you with a solid, flavoured curd cheese. This example does not have a manufacturers mark but it is a design and shape which was made by the Spode pottery which was later taken over by Copeland. When turned out you have spears of asparagus around the sides of the mould but this is difficult to see from the images. It dates from c.1850 and it is in very good condition. There is just a little light staining to the pottery from use.

Dimensions: Length 18cm. Width 12cm. Height 9.7cm.

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