Copeland & Garrett Mould

Copeland & Garrett Mould

Code: G19875


A nineteenth century, earthenware mould with a basket of fruit to the base. This has an impressed mark which reads “COPELAND & GARRETT NEW BLANCHE” within a circle, beneath a crown. Copeland and Garrett used this mark between 1833 and 1844. The design is very well detailed and deeply moulded but there is some damage to the mould so it would not be advisable to use it. There is a fine, hairline crack running across the base of the basket. This does not show on the exterior so it does not go right through the mould. There are also three chips to the rim and the foot rim has extensive chipping. It is still a very attractive mould and displays well.

Dimensions: Length 20cm. Width 15cm. Depth 6.5cm. 

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