Davenport, Lion jelly mould

Davenport, Lion jelly mould

Code: G19880


A good, 19th century, earthenware jelly mould with a lion the base. This is marked ‘DAVENPORT’ around an anchor and, to either side of the anchor are the numbers 5 and 3. This dates the mould to 1853. The lion is very well detailed and has an almost human face which is more typical of the way lions were depicted in the 18th and very early 19th centuries. To the sides of the mould is a border of acanthus leaves.

Dimensions: Length 17.5cm. Width 13.5cm. Depth 7.5cm.

English: Davenport earthenware: Date c.1853.

Condition: One small chip to the rim, visible in the images.

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