Wedgwood mould of exotic fruit

Wedgwood mould of exotic fruit

Code: G19866


A Wedgwood creamware mould with an exotic fruit to the base. This is marked “WEDGWOOD” and beneath the Wedgwood mark is a number “4” which would be the pattern number. It is quite lightly potted and it has excellent depth and detail to the moulding. The first time we came across this design we thought that it represented a hand of bananas but we then saw a fruit which looked identical and it was the fruit of a cactus plant. 

The mould dates from c.1820. 

Dimensions: Length17.5cm. Width 10.3cm. Depth 5.7cm. 

Condition: There is a long crack, which can be seen mostly on the exterior, but this is the result of a firing fault. There is also a very small chip to a high point in the design.

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