Large Shelley armadillo mould

Large Shelley armadillo mould

Code: F19689


W: 17.5cm (6.9")H: 11.2cm (4.4")L: 25cm (9.8")


A Shelley jelly mould in the shape of an armadillo. Although this mould doesn’t have the design on the outside, like some of the other Shelley animals, it is a great design and it turns out very well. The design was made in three different sizes and this is the largest. We do currently have examples of each size in stock. This one is marked, in green print,  ’SHELLEY’ in a shield, between ‘MADE IN’ and ‘ENGLAND’. It dates from c.1930. The mould is incredibly well detailed and it is in very good condition. There are two very small marks in the pot to one side but they are both in the manufacture. These can be seen in one of the images.

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