Shelley, fluted ring mould

Shelley, fluted ring mould

Code: F19698


H: 4cm (1.6")Di: 13.5cm (5.3")


A Shelley, fluted ring mould. This design of mould is perfect for moulding either a sweet dessert, or a savoury ring, when you want to fill the centre with something else. Why not try moulding a ring of mashed potato and filling the centre with devilled kidneys, or a ring of a sweet mousse with a centre filled with fresh fruits. This one is marked, in green print, ’Shelley’ in a shield, above ‘ENGLAND’ and it dates from c.1920. It is also stamped with a number ‘1’ as this was the smallest of the three moulds that Shelley made in this design. The pattern was known as the Victoria. It is in excellent condition.

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