Brass coffee or pepper grinder

Brass coffee or pepper grinder

Code: G19734


An early 20th century, brass and wood coffee or pepper grinder. This has a very simple mechanism. The coffee or pepper is placed, through the top, into a small compartment. This is then ground and falls into the lower compartment. You have to remove the top section to retrieve the coffee or pepper. 

It has no manufacturers marks but the brass is stamped “PLUTON”. This was probably the name given to the model. It dates from the 1920’s. 

It really isn’t the most practical design, due to the constant removal of the top section, and this is probably why we don’t see too many of this form. This has also resulted in the splitting of the brass on both sides of the rim of the lower section near to the rivets which hold the two parts together. There is also marking to the brass which cannot be removed by polishing. It is, however, still fully functional.

Dimensions: Height 19.5cm. Diameter at base 10.6cm. Width 15cm.

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