Fabulous Cast Iron & Brass Scales in Case

Fabulous Cast Iron & Brass Scales in Case

Code: J22471


A fabulous set of cast iron and brass letter scales in their original wooden carrying case. The cast iron pillar is modelled in the form of a classical, draped female figure and into this screw the brass balance scales. These are stamped “Class B  TO WEIGH 40 oz” and the scale pan is stamped “BY HIS MAJESTIES ROYAL LETTERS PATENT”. This is English and dates from c.1910 so it would relate to either Edward the 7th or George the 5th. The scales are in excellent condition and fit well into the original, wooden carrying case. There is a split to the lid of the case and some of the beading from the base of the box is missing. We are selling it complete with a matched set of brass weights.  

Dimensions: Scales: Overall height  57.5cm. Width 36.4cm. Depth 12cm.

Carrying case: Length 40.5cm. Width 22.2cm. Height 18cm.

Price includes postage within the U.K. Shipping to the U.S.A. add £30. Most of Western Europe add £15.