'Peace and Plenty'

'Peace and Plenty'

Code: F18585


W: 29.5cm (11.6")H: 31.2cm (12.3")D: 2cm (0.8")


An interesting, early Victorian, sycamore breadboard. This board is just slightly oval rather than circular. It dates from c.1850 and it is  quite warped with age. This gives considerable character to the piece. The border is carved with  wheat, foliage, a small flower and the words ’Peace and Plenty’. The carving is well detailed and it still has good depth. There is a crack to the rim which is 9cm. long and there is also worm damage to the face of the board, as well as the usual scratching from use. The reverse of the board is carved in an interesting form and the wood has a pale patina.
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