Deeply Carved Board

Deeply Carved Board

Code: F18374


D: 2cm (0.8")Di: 31cm (12.2")


A Victorian breadboard with a deeply carved  border. This board is carved in beechwood and the wood has a lovely, rich patina. The border is carved with oak leaves and acorns to one side and small fruits or flowers and leaves to the other side. It in now difficult to make out what the fruits or flowers are as the carving is quite worn. Originally the carving would have been very deep and the board would date from c.1860. It also, originally, had a slightly raised rim. Much of this is now missing as the board has seen a lot of use and there is considerable wear to the rim. There is a small hole in the rim which has probably been made so that the board could be nailed to a wall for display. Despite its faults this is a very attractive board.
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