Sycamore Butter Board

Sycamore Butter Board

Code: H20421


An early 19th century, sycamore butter board. At first glance this could appear to be a simple piece of wood. However, looking closer you will see the milk stain to the board and the simple, carved designs to the edges. It would have been used as a board on which to shape your small slab of butter and then the edges would have been used to put a design onto the edge of your block. It is incredibly light, as the wood has dried out over the years, and you can feel ridges in the grain of the wood, from where it has been consistently scrubbed. The wood has a lovely colour and patina and the piece is in excellent condition.

English. Date c.1820.

Dimensions: Length 20.5cm. Width 5.5cm. Depth 1cm.

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