Large, 18th Century, Basalt Teapot

Large, 18th Century, Basalt Teapot

Code: H21907


A super quality, late 18th century, large, black basalt teapot. This teapot has no manufacturers marks but it is English and it dates from c.1790. Without a mark it is very difficult to attribute the piece to a particular potter as, during this period, there were over 300 different  potteries in the U.K. producing basalt. It is finely decorated with an engine turned design. The design on the body of the pot is mirrored in the spout and also on the lid. The basalt is a fine silky quality and the piece is in excellent condition with no damage or restoration. 

Dimensions: Diameter of pot 19cm. Length from the outer edge of the handle to the tip of the spout 29.5cm. Height 16cm.

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