Pratt Ware Jug with Huntsmen & Gardeners

Pratt Ware Jug with Huntsmen & Gardeners

Code: H20932


A fine quality, Pratt ware jug moulded with scenes of huntsmen and gardeners against an orange peel textured background. The well moulded design, which includes various moulded borders, is highlighted in typical, but quite subtle, Pratt shades of blue, green, brown and ochre. 

At first appearance the jug appears to be in perfect condition but there is a small restoration to the side of the spout. A fine, hairline crack has been restored and this has been done exceptionally well so you really have to look hard to notice it.

English. Date c.1800.

Dimensions: Height 18cm. Width 17.7cm. Depth 14.5cm.

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