Pratt Ware Military Review Jug

Pratt Ware Military Review Jug

Code: H20933


A Pratt Ware “Military Review” jug. This depicts a Cavalry Officer to one side, wearing the cocked hat of the Horse Guards. The opposite side shows the horse rearing up and in the background is a smaller figure of a Cavalry Officer.Above the figures is a border of cannons and spears and there are moulded, but not coloured, borders of oak leaves and acorns to the rim and bullrushes to the base.The central panel is highlighted in typical Pratt shades of blue, green, brown and ochre.

The end of the spout has been off and re-glued, with no attempt to hide the damage.

English. Date c.1790.

Dimensions: Height 15.5cm. Width 15.4cm. Depth 11.5cm.

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