Queen Caroline Pratt Ware Jug

Queen Caroline Pratt Ware Jug

Code: H20931


A bulbous, pearlware jug, with a scalloped rim, moulded to either side with portraits of Queen Caroline. The spout is moulded with a horned Satyr’s head, there are flowers to either side of the portrait of the queen and the name is moulded in the rim. The moulding is highlighted in Pratt shades of blue, green, ochre and brown. 

There is a firing fault to the base of the jug, from the time of manufacture, and from this there is now a fine hairline crack. There is also a very small chip on the foot and rubbing  to the glaze on the rim.

English. Date c.1820.

Dimensions: Height 15.5cm. Width 19.5cm. Depth 13.5cm.

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