The Old Woman of Harrow

The Old Woman of Harrow

Code: J22503


A rare, early 19th century, blue transfer printed child’s plate. This is impressed, to the reverse, “CLEWS WARRANTED STAFFORDSHIRE” around a crown, and it dates from c.1820. The transfer print depicts an old woman in a wheelbarrow,  being pushed by her servant. The verse reads:

“There was an Old Woman of Harrow
Who visited in a Wheel barrow
And her servant before
Knock loud at each door
To announce the old Woman of Harrow”.

The border to the plate is finely moulded with ivy leaves and berries. This is a rare print and the plate is quite charming. There are a few small chips to the rim but they are quite shallow.

Dimensions: Diameter 11.8cm. Depth 1.2cm.

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