Rare Brown Saltglaze Ammonite

Rare Brown Saltglaze Ammonite

Code: F18385


W: 12cm (4.7")D: 1.5cm (0.6")L: 13.2cm (5.2")

£175.00 Approx $217.93, €194.23

A rare, brown saltglazed pottery model of an ammonite. This piece is either Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire salt glaze and it dates from c.1830. It is quite intriguing as we cannot work out exactly what its purpose would have been. We did think that it may be a paperweight but, as such, you would need to lift it easily and this is quite awkward to lift. Alternately it could simply be a decorative piece that was made to set into something else. Any help with identifying its purpose would be gratefully received. We had to buy it as it is just such a fascinating thing.
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