Fabulous, Belgian, cast iron stove.

Fabulous, Belgian, cast iron stove.

Code: F19278


W: 22cm (8.7")H: 106cm (41.7")L: 65cm (25.6")


A fantastic, French, cast iron, three tiered stove. This piece is beautifully cast with designs of faces, putti in chariots, scrolls, and flowers. In the casting, on the middle tier is ‘Chatillon’, which is to the small town, in Southern Belgium, where it was manufactured, and under the hotplate is ‘VH’. It dates from c.1880. The fire is lit in the lower section and then the upper sections act as a radiator with the smoke travelling up just one of the chimneys and then flowing through the next box and up the chimney at the opposite end on that box. Therefore, two of the chimneys are actually false and just used as supports. There is a chip out of one of the supporting chimneys. This makes no difference to the function of the stove. Generally it is in excellent condition. 

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