Rare, Miniature Dolls House Stove and Utensils

Rare, Miniature Dolls House Stove and Utensils

Code: K23323


A rare, miniature tin plate stove for a dolls house, complete with miniature copperware and other kitchen items. This is quite charming and the whole thing is only 11.2cm. wide. The stove is made from tin plate, with a polished steel top and it has copper fittings. The miniature cookware, which is made from a mixture of copper, steel and brass, includes hanging utensils on a rack, 3 saucepans and covers,2 saute pans, a kettle, a daubiere, a coal scuttle an iron and a chocolate pot. Each piece has been hand made with incredible attention to the minute detail and this dates from c.1920. It is all in excellent condition.

Dimensions: Stove: Length 11.2cm. Width 6.7cm. Height including the flue14cm. The largest of the other items is the coal scuttle which is 3cm. h. igh and all other items are in good proportion with this. 

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