Unusual, Fish Shaped Cleaver

Unusual, Fish Shaped Cleaver

Code: J22556


A very unusual cleaver and beater. This was probably made for use by a butcher as the fish shape is a sharp cleaver but on the other side to the fish is a beater which could be used for tenderising meat. The piece is very well made, the fish nicely shaped, and there is an attractively shaped, cast steel shaft. The handle is made from bakelite, an early form of plastic which was patented in 1909. There is a clear, central section, in which are moulded flowers, and this is flanked by the darker, more regular colour of bakelite. This is probably French and dates from c.1920. It is in excellent condition.

Dimensions: Length 34.5cm. Width 5.3cm. Height 14.4cm.

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