Copper, champagne settling pan

Copper, champagne settling pan

Code: F19462


H: 15.4cm (6.1")L: 46.5cm (18.3")Di: 40.8cm (16.1")


A 19th century, French copper, champagne settling pan. I am told, by numerous Frenchmen, that these odd shaped pans were used in the champagne industry but I’m not sure at what stage in the champagne making process. This one has obviously seen a lot of use and it dates from c.1850. It has a wide, castellated seam, around the slightly concave base, and it is made from quite a heavy gauge of copper. There are numerous small dents and marks on the copper, all consistent with a fairly hard, industrial life, but all of which add to the character of the piece. On the side it is stamped with the initials ‘M.H.F’ which would either relate to the vineyard or the name of the owner. 

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