Copper ladle with engraved crest

Copper ladle with engraved crest

Code: G19932


A large copper ladle with interesting, engraved marks. This piece is French and has aristocratic provenance but I am unable to trace it properly. The bowl of the ladle is engraved with a crown over the letter 'W' and the handle is engraved with the same crown over 'D.W. Cl"t'. If this were an English piece the crown and W would relate to Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington but the crown is the wrong style. It is more the shape of the crown of a Marquis. The ladle is made from a heavy gauge of copper and it dates from c.1840.

Dimensions: Diameter of bowl 13cm. Depth of bowl 6.5cm. Total length of ladle and handle 57.5cm. 

French copper. Date c.1840.

Condition: There are two old, braised repairs to splits in the rim of the ladle and there is minor denting.

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