Double ended measuring spoon

Double ended measuring spoon

Code: G20019


An interesting, double ended copper measuring spoon with an engraved crest. This is engraved with a crown and the letters 'D' and 'B' to either side. The crown is that of an English Duke and the piece dates from c.1840. At this period this could relate to either the Duke of Bedford or the Duke of Buckingham so, whichever one it belonged to, it has very good provenance. It is made from a substantial gauge of copper. The smaller spoon is the size of a teaspoon and the larger one is the size of a tablespoon. Originally it would have been totally covered in tin but this has been removed to reveal the copper beneath.

Dimensions: Length 29.5cm Width 4.8cm Depth 2.5cm. 

English copper. Date c.1840.

Condition: Very good.

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