English copper braising pan

English copper braising pan

Code: H20372


A nineteenth century, English copper braising pan. Many people think that the strange shaped lids, with high sides, on these pans were used for cooking vegetables. This is totally incorrect and the fact that the tops of the lids were never tinned tells one that they were not to be in contact with the food. This type of braising pan was used on a range or open fire and the lids were filled with coals so that the contents of the pan would cook slowly from both the base and the top. This example is well made, from a heavy gauge of copper, and it has castellated seams around the base and up the side. It has the typical form of English brass handle to both ends of the pan and also to the lid. One of the handles on the lid has been bent inwards slightly and this can be seen in the images. Other than this it is in very good condition. It is being sold for decoration only as the tinning to the interior is quite worn.

Dimensions: Length of pan 40.8cm. Width 25cm. Depth 18.8cm. Total length including handles 52.5cm. Total height including handles 31cm.

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