French Cider Measure by Egrot

French Cider Measure by Egrot

Code: H21108


An interesting, and large, French copper cider measure. This is stamped “EGROT A PARIS 10LES”. Egrot were a French company who made apparatus for alcohol distillation and in 1878 won the gold medal at the Exhibition of Paris. Some of their equipment has been captured in prints.  This cider measure would predate that. It is very well made, from a very heavy gauge of copper, has castellated seams and it dates from c.1850. “10LES”  refers to the 10 litre capacity. The shape is most unusual and the piece is in very good condition. The only fault is a dent in the hollow form handle and the tinning, to the interior, is worn.

Dimensions:  Height 48.7cm. Diameter 26cm. Width 32cm.

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