French copper grape hod

French copper grape hod

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A fabulous, 18th century, French copper grape hod. This would have had leather straps which went through the fittings on the back of the hod. You would carry in on your back, when in the vineyard harvesting grapes, and the grapes were thrown into the hod. It is unlikely to be used for this purpose any more as it is very heavy and the weight of this, once filled with grapes, would be back breaking. Workers in the vineyards in the 18th century must have been tough. Now it would make a very attractive umbrella or walking  stick stand in a hallway. 

It is well made, from a heavy gauge of copper, and has castellated seams. The fittings for the leather straps have heart shaped terminals and the top section is attached by copper rivets.

It is in excellent condition.

French. Date c.1780.

Dimensions: Height 87cm. Diameter 45cm.

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