Lidded, Copper Ship's Jug

Lidded, Copper Ship's Jug

Code: J21912


A very unusual shaped, 19th century copper, lidded jug. This is stamped, under the spout, “21 LAUNCH” so it was most probably made for use on a boat. Also, it is wider at the base than the top which would give it more stability on a boat. The hollow copper handle has a thumb plate and there is a strange, C shaped finial on the lid. When the lid is open you can hold both the handle and the finial on the lid in one hand to keep the lid open when pouring from the jug. It well made, from a heavy gauge of copper, and has castellated seams. It is English and dates from c.1860. There is a small split in the copper, just beneath the word launch, and there are also some very tiny dents to the side of the jug.

Dimensions: Height 33cm. Width 24cm. Diameter 19cm.

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