Rare, 19th Century Copper & Brass Pressure Cooker

Rare, 19th Century Copper & Brass Pressure Cooker

Code: F19044


A rare, 19th century, copper and brass pressure cooker. This is a particularly small size for a pressure cooker and it may have been made for use on military campaigns. It is beautifully made, with very substantial brass clamps to hold the lid in place and the lid and tap are also cast in brass. The lid is marked “SPORRY BREVETE S.G.D.G. ATES”. ATES is probably an abbreviation for ‘ateliers’, which is French for workshop, but I can find no other reference to this mark. The piece is French, dating from c.1880. It is in very good condition but the tinning, to the interior, is worn. It is quite a remarkable piece and we have never seen anything quite like it before.

Dimensions: Diameter 13.5cm. Height including final 21.5cm. Width including tap 20cm.

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