Rare, Miniature, 18th Century, Copper Coffee Pot

Rare, Miniature, 18th Century, Copper Coffee Pot

Code: K23001


A miniature, 18th century, French copper coffee pot. This is a most unusual design. The baluster shaped coffee pot has a rams’ head to the end of the spout and the handle, which is made from steel, is attached by beautiful, circular, copper fittings. The hinged lid has a simple, brass finial.  The piece is made from a substantial gauge of copper, has castellated seams and dates from c.1760. There is slight denting to the sides of the pot, and there is also denting to the foot, which can all be seen in the images. This is however, an early and rare item.

Dimensions: Height 14.2cm Diameter 7.5cm. Width 13.4cm.

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