Small Copper Grain Measure

Small Copper Grain Measure

Code: J21682


A fairly small, copper grain measure with brass banding. This is very well made from a heavy gauge of copper. It is made in the traditional manner, with castellated seams, however, it is marked on the side “Jean Paul Thereu MEILLEUR OUVRIER DE FRANCE”. The Meilleur ouvrier de France was an award set up in France in 1924 to honour the best craftsmen on an annual basis so Jean Paul Thereu must have won this one year. It probably dates from c.1930. There is a further mark on the base but this is almost impossible to decipher. It is in excellent condition and would make a very attractive jardiniere.

Dimensions: Height 21.2cm. Diameter 26.5cm.  Overall width including the handles 34cm. 

Price includes postage within the U.K. Shipping to the U.S.A. add £40. Most of Western Europe add £20.