Unusual, English Copper Brasing Pan

Unusual, English Copper Brasing Pan

Code: K23429


A very unusual, English copper brasing pan. This is basically a brasing pan with an extension. Brasing pans were the original slow cookers. They were used for brasing meats and casseroles on the range and hot coals were put into the lid with the raised sides so that the contents would cook from above as well as below. The pan would be left on a low heat and the contents cooked slowly. This example has an extended base, which makes it much taller than usual, and it has a huge capacity. There is also a vent attached to the side which would allow the steam from the cooking to escape. This was probably done in the manufacture as a special order. We have not seen one like it before and it must have had a specific use. If anyone out there has any ideas we would be glad to hear you. It is very well made, from a very heavy gauge of copper, and it has castellated seams around the base and up the side. It dates from c.1860 and is in excellent condition. The tinning, to the interior, is worn.

Overall dimensions including the brass handles: Length 50cm. Width 29cm. Height 41cm.

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