HUGE Suite of 19th Century Baccarat Glasses

HUGE Suite of 19th Century Baccarat Glasses

Code: J22338

£1,450.00 for the suite of 57 pieces Approx $1835.44, €1693.93

A superb suite of 19th century, French crystal glasses with engraved monograms. This suite of glasses are by Baccarat and they date from c.1880. Originally the various sizes would have been for champagne, water, red wine and white wine. There are 10 champagne flutes, 16 water glasses, 10 red wine glasses, 17 white wine glasses and 4 very small coupes. We are not sure what the small coupes would have been for as we have never come across this shape of glass in this size before. Now, as drinking habits have changed, the glasses are quite small for wine and they could be used for wine, sherry and port. 

Most of the glasses are engraved with a monogram of the initials “THC”. There are, however, 3 of the water glasses, 2 of the red wine glasses, 4 of the white wine glasses and 2 of the small coupes which do not have the monogram. They may have been added to the set at a slightly later date as replacements. Each glass has a fine, cut design to the lower section of the body and a low, baluster stem and they are made from a very good, fine quality crystal. It is unusual to find such a large suite of glasses still together after such a long period of time and they must have come from an important household.

Dimensions: Champagne flutes: Height 16.2cm. Diameter at foot 6.3cm. Diameter at rim 5.2cm.

Water glasses: Height 15cm. Diameter at foot 7.5cm. Diameter at rim 8cm.

Red wine glasses: Height 12cm. Diameter at foot 6cm. Diameter at rim 6cm.

White wine glasses: Height 11cm. Diameter at foot 5.5cm. Diameter at rim 5.5cm.

Small Coupes: Height 6.5cm. Diameter at foot 4.8cm. Diameter at rim 6.2cm.

They are all in excellent condition except for one of the small coupes which has the tiniest of chips to the inside of the rim.

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