Set of 18 Crystal Champagne Coupes

Set of 18 Crystal Champagne Coupes

Code: J21580


A fabulous set of eighteen, early 20th century, French crystal Champagne coupes. These are made from an excellent quality crystal. They have an interesting, cut design to the bowls and an attractively shaped stem with a low, single knop. They date from c.1920 and they are all in excellent condition.

Dimensions: Diameter at rim 9.7cm. Diameter at foot 7.2cm. Height 10.5cm. There are very slight variations in the sizes as they are all hand blown.

They can be purchased as sets of 6, 12 or the full 18. Prices: 

Set of 6. £145.00 

Set of 12.  £285.00

Set of 18.  £400.00

Price includes postage within the U.K. Shipping elsewhere dependent on size of set. Please enquire.