Set of 7 Engraved Crystal Glasses

Set of 7 Engraved Crystal Glasses

Code: J22082

£165.00 for the set of 7 Approx $208.33, €192.31

A set of seven, fine quality, French crystal wine glasses. These are nicely engraved with an Arts Nouveau style design and they have a low, baluster shaped stem. They date from c.1920. Six are in perfect condition but one has a very tiny flaw in the rim. This is not a chip and it is smooth to the touch. It is probably from where something has touched on it in the manufacture.

Dimensions of each glass: Height 16cm. Diameter at rim 7.2cm. Diameter at foot 7cm.

Price includes postage within the U.K. Shipping to the U.S.A. add £35.  Most of Western Europe add £15.