Suite of Baccarat Crystal Glasses

Suite of Baccarat Crystal Glasses

Code: J22362


A super quality suite of 19th century, French crystal glasses. This suite consists of eighteen glasses, six of each size. Each glass has an attractive cut design to the lower section and a single, ridged knop to the stem. The cut design is one which is has been used by Baccarat since the nineteenth century. These stems are typical of the nineteenth century but the cut design is now produced  on a different shaped glass and with a fine stem. Originally they would have been for water, red wine and white wine. As drinking habits have changed, and we now tend to use much larger glasses, they could be for wine, sherry and port. They are made from a heavy, good quality crystal and they are all in excellent condition.

We are selling the suite of 18 glasses but we do have a further suite the same and also another six of the large size and four each of the smaller size glasses. 

Dimensions: Large glasses: Height 15.4cm. Diameter at rim 8.5cm. Diameter at foot 7.5cm.

Mid size glasses: Height 12cm. Diameter at rim 6.6cm. Diameter at foot 6.2cm.

Small glasses: Height 11cm. Diameter at rim 5.7cm. Diameter at foot 5.3cm. 

There are marginal variations in the sizes as they are all hand blown.

Price includes postage within the U.K. Shipping to the U.S.A. add £50. Most of Western Europe add £20.