Suite of Val St. Lambert Crystal

Suite of Val St. Lambert Crystal

Code: J22348


A fabulous suite of Val St. Lambert, Belgian crystal glassware dating from the mid 20th century. This is a large suite comprising two pairs of decanters, 8 large glasses, 9 medium size glasses and 11 small glasses. Originally the large glasses would have been sold as water glasses, the medium size for red wine and the smaller glasses for white wine. However, as we now tend to drink wine from larger glasses they could be used for wine, sherry and port. Each piece has a simple, cut, oval design and this design is called Nestor Hamlet. It was made by Val St. Lambert between 1951 and 1962. Not all items are illustrated but they are all in excellent condition. We are splitting the suite and selling it:

Pair of large decanters: Dimensions: Height 34.5cm. Diameter 10.5cm. Price: £225.00

Pair of smaller decanters: Dimensions: Height 32cm. Diameter 10cm. Price: £225.00

Set of 8 large glasses: Dimensions: Height 17.8cm. Diameter 9cm. Price £245.00 for the set of 8.

Set of 9 medium glasses: Dimensions: Height 13.6cm. Diameter 7cm. Price £195.00 for the set of 9.

Set of 11 small glasses: Dimensions: Height 12.3cm. Diameter 6.2cm. Price £195.00 for the set of 11.

Price includes postage within the U.K.  Shipping elsewhere dependant of quantity, please enquire.