Attractive Copper Ring Mould engraved G.W.

Attractive Copper Ring Mould engraved G.W.

Code: H21055


A very good quality, 19th century, copper, fancy border mould. This type of mould was used for forming a ring, either sweet or savoury, and the centres could then be filled. This could be a ring of mashed potato with devilled kidneys in the centre or a ring of cake filled with fruits or cream. Due to the shallow nature of this type of mould they work very well in a hanging display. This example looks particularly good either on a shelf or hanging. The crisply moulded design has ten angular columns, each divided into two further columns, with diamond shaped tops. It is made from a very heavy gauge of copper and it dates from c.1870. It is engraved with the initials “G W”. These would be the  initials of a previous owner.  It is in excellent condition and the tinning, although slightly worn, could still be used. 

Dimensions: Diameter 18.2cm. Height 8.1cm.

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