Benham's copper Belgrave mould

Benham's copper Belgrave mould

Code: H20480


A 19th century, Benham’s copper, Belgrave mould. This mould has numerous marks. It is stamped, on the rim, with the orb and cross symbol used by Benham’s.To the opposite side is a workman’s mark in the shape of a radiating sun and it is also stamped “BENHAM & SONS WIGMORE ST. LONDON” within a buckled belt shape. To the top of the mould is a number ’11’ and this would have born some relevance to the kitchen from which it came.

It dates from c.1880. 

The design was known as the Belgrave. Sometimes this design was supplied with a pewter insert, with spirals which went into each of the six columns, and this was placed into the jelly. This was then removed when the jelly had set and a different coloured jelly would have been poured into the centres to give an amazing, two coloured effect with the internal spirals. The inserts are now incredibly hard to find.

Condition: Three of the sides of the tops have been pushed in very slightly and the tinning is very worn. Otherwise it is in good condition.

Dimensions: Height 13.2cm. Diameter 13.8cm.

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