Benham's Copper Lion Mould

Benham's Copper Lion Mould

Code: K22727


A Victorian copper mould with a lion to the top. This is marked with the orb and cross symbol use by Benhams above the pattern number ‘628’. There is also a workman’s mark in the shape of a circle divided by a cross. The mould is very well made, from a heavy gauge of copper and it has castellated seams up one side. Benham’s made a few variations of moulds with lions to the top and this is a charming example with fluted sides going down to a stepped base. The head of the lion has taken a slight bump so it is pushed in slightly and this has also resulted in a very tiny hole. Other than that the mould is in good condition. The tinning to the interior is quite good and it could be used but the tiny hole would have to be plugged.

Dimensions: Length 20cm. Width 12.4cm. Height 14cm.

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