Copper game pie mould

Copper game pie mould

Code: H20496


A 19th century, two part, copper, raised game pie mould. This is a lovely design, with two large quince, and foliage, to either side. The design is very deeply moulded and the piece is made from quite a substantial gauge of copper. It has integral, copper hinges to the ends and these are secured by fine, brass pins which are possibly replacements.

Condition: It is in excellent condition. Originally it would have been tinned all over but the tinning has been removed from the exterior to reveal the copper beneath. However there are very slight traces of the tin remaining on the exterior. The tinning, to the interior, is worn.

Dimensions: Length 20.2cm. Width 15.5cm. Height 8.5cm. 

English. Date c.1880

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