Copper Mould from Merton College

Copper Mould from Merton College

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A good quality, 19th century, copper mould. This is made from a heavy gauge of copper. It is stamped with a pattern number ’231’ and it dates from c.1880. It is also engraved “M.C.K.” and “MERT”. It is possible that this relates to Merton College, Oxford and the M.C.K. could stand for Merton College Kitchen. Many of the kitchens of the old colleges of Oxford and Cambridge had batteries de cuisine which were marked with their identities. The design consists of six flat topped columns with fluted sides. It is in excellent condition, however, someone has tried to re-tin the interior and not done it properly so it is not usable.

Dimensions: Diameter 13.5cm. Height 11.2cm.

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