Copper Shell Centrepiece

Copper Shell Centrepiece

Code: H20714


An interesting set of three graduated copper moulds, each one in the shape of four scallop shells. Originally these would have been used to mould a table centrepiece. There would have been small pillars between the graduated shell moulds, with the smallest shell shape at the top and the largest at the bottom. This would have been moulded from nougat or chocolate. They are excellent quality and very finely moulded. Now, without the pillars, they make very decorative wall hanging moulds. Each piece is marked “DEPOSE PREAU”. They are French and they date from c.1880. 

Dimensions: Largest 23cm across by 2cm. deep. Mid sized 17.5cm wide by 1.6cm deep. Smallest 12cm. across by 1.2cm. deep. 

They are all in excellent condition and the tinning, to the interior, is still good enough for them to be used.

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