Crown Shaped Copper Ring Mould

Crown Shaped Copper Ring Mould

Code: H21056


A very good quality, 19th century, French copper, fancy border mould. This type of mould was used for forming a ring, either sweet or savoury, and the centres could then be filled. This could be a ring of mashed potato with devilled kidneys in the centre or a ring of cake filled with fruits or cream. Due to the shallow nature of this type of mould they work very well in a hanging display. This example looks particularly good either on a shelf or hanging. The crisply moulded design has sixteen columns with pointed tops which make the mould resemble a crown. It is made from a very heavy gauge of copper and it dates from c.1870.There is a tiny slit in the copper, near to the rim, which would have been done during the manufacture. The mould is in excellent condition and the tinning, although slightly worn, could still be used. 

Dimensions: Diameter 19.4cm. Height 7.2cm.

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