Four Victorian ice cream moulds

Four Victorian ice cream moulds

Code: F19512


A graduated set of four, Victorian ice cream bombe moulds. Although bombe moulds are not uncommon it is rare to find the very small examples that form a part of this set.  In size order, from the largest down they measure:
12cm. diameter by 14cm. high
10.4cm diameter by 11.8cm. high.
9.5cm. diameter by 10cm. high
8.5cm. diameter by 9.2cm high.
The two smaller examples are both stamped ‘JONES BROS DOWN ST. W.’ in a circular mark. The smallest is also stamped with a number ‘5’ and the next one up is stamped with a ‘0’. The two larger moulds are unmarked. They all have screw in brass feet and the 3 smaller moulds have copper ring handles to the lids whilst the larger one has a steel loop handle. They date from c.1890.

They are all in excellent condition and the tinning is still very good in all of them so they could be used.

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