Large, Copper Mould Engraved

Large, Copper Mould Engraved "J.T.C"

Code: H20952


A large, and very decorative, Victorian copper mould. This is stamped with a pattern number ’206’ above the latter ‘C’. It is also engraved with the initials “J.T.C” and these would be the initials of a previous owner. The design consists of various tiers all of contrasting shapes. There is a fluted top section, above a cog shaped central section, then a scalloped section above the plain base. It is made from a heavy gauge of copper and it dates from c.1870.

It is in very good condition but the tinning, to the interior, is worn and flaking and it could not be used unless re-tinned. 

Dimensions: Diameter 16cm. Height 19cm. 

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