Lidded mould or box?

Lidded mould or box?

Code: E18187


W: 12.5cm (4.9")H: 11.5cm (4.5")D: 11cm (4.3")


A Victorian copper lidded mould or food box. This piece is well made, from a heavy gauge of copper, and it has castellated seams around the base and up the side. Both parts are marked "TEMPLE & CROOK IRONMONGERS MOTCOMB ST. S.W." and it dates from c.1860. I think that this is a mould, as it is made in a similar way to the ice cream bombe moulds, with a tight fitting lid and a brass ring handle. However, it doesn't have the screw fitting to the base which, when unscrewed, allows the ice cream to come out of the mould more easily, so it could be quite difficult to remove the moulded ice cream from this, hence it could have just been for storing food. It is in excellent condition and the tinning to the interior, although dull, is in good enough condition for the piece to be used.
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