Rare Copper Mould Commemorating Queen Victoria

Rare Copper Mould Commemorating Queen Victoria

Code: J21841


A rare, Victorian copper, commemorative mould. The design of this mould has “V.R” to either side of a crown to the top above irregular, fluted sides and a stepped base. A series of moulds in this form were made by Benhams, one with VR one with ER and one with AR. VR was designed in 1887 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee and ER and AR were made in 1901 to commemorate the ascension of Kind Edward the 7th and Queen Alexandra to the throne. This mould is stamped with the orb and cross symbol used by Benhams above the pattern number ‘550’. To the side of this is the registered design number “RDNO293905”. 

The design is very crisp, the mould is made from a heavy gauge of copper, and it dates from c.1887. It is in excellent condition and the tinning, to the interior, is still in very good, bright, usable condition.

Dimensions: Height 11.5cm. Diameter 12.8cm.

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